How to manage multiple customer contact methods

How to manage multiple customer contact methods

I get so many messages that I cant stay on top of them all!!

Does this sound like you?

Customers can contact you in a huge number of ways today. For us at Hybrid we have Email, Telephone, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS and in person. Things only get worse when there is more than one of you. At the time of writing we have Dave, Julie, Maddy and Morgan with Fraser coming soon. That's 5 people with 7 different ways of being contacted!

If you didn't already know there are tools out there that collect messages from all of these sources and keep them in a single place! You get a page that displays all of your messages and even lets you respond to those messages. The best bit is that you can choose to use a website or a mobile app to view and reply to things.

Hybrid uses Hubspot which is free for everything apart from WhatsApp (that costs £18/month) and it makes a huge difference to our ability to respond to customers. 
The expectation for a reply in 2024 is measured in minutes, not hours or days so this is something that can secure lots of new customers simply by being the fastest to reply!

Setting up Hubspot is a medium complexity project. If you want to do it yourself then you should expect to spend 1-2 days to get it just right for you. That time will be well spent though and you will save time on all future customer contacts

If you want someone like Hybrid to do that for you then why not drop us a message today and see how we can help?

Hubspot setup is one of our free projects bundled with our micro business support pack here :
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